Want To Be Happy ?

Want to be Happy ?

Want to be Happy ?

Everyone wants a happy and content life but happiness is not something that can be bought from outside.  It cannot be found outside of you and nothing can make you happy. You are the only person who can create happy moment in your life as happiness is connected to something internal and you need to find it out within you. This is an expression of contentment that exists within you so doesn’t look someone to help you find happiness for you.

“Happiness exists within you”

Finding happiness within you is as easy as to make a cup of tea. Yes, this is not something that is hard to achieve. Keep yourself healthy and happy; this is enough to lead a content life. Nobody wants to be unhappy and depressed as this makes them physically and mentally inactive. Happiness can be created by you and only you. A person can achieve happiness within you and can sustain it forever.  So stop running after happiness, create it within you.

“Happiness is waiting to be recognised”

Many people thing if they get perfect spouse, new branded car or money, they would be happy, but happiness is independent of what’s going on in your life.

 “Experience the happiness from within right now”



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